EZ Plug Paddle Strap Kit

SKU EZ3000

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EZ Plug Paddle Straps allow you to carry your board and paddle with one hand! The paddle shaft becomes a handle.

The EZ Plug Paddle Straps allow you to attach Paddle Strap on the fiberglass deck of a SUP board… (Not recommended for polypropylene surfaces.) Quick and easy to apply instant adhesive, Super Glue, no drilling. EZ Plugs attaches to flat fiberglass surfaces. Holds up to 60 pounds.

NOTE: When straps are not in use, wrap the extended Velcro strip over the shorter strap to keep the strap closed and flat.

  1. Easy to apply heavy duty instant adhesive Super Glue – No drilling.
  2. EZ Plug attaches to flat fiberglass surfaces.
  3. Durable weather proof nylon webbing.
  4. Double wrap Velcro strap – Will not pull off the paddle shaft.
  5. Strong nylon cord – knotted for easy removal.
  • Lay paddle along the Paddle Straps.
  • Open up Velcro straps, place shaft on open strap.
  • Wrap second Velcro strap over and press to firmly secure strap.
  • Repeat process on the other strap.
  • Open Velcro straps to remove paddle shaft.