Fly High FATSAC FlipSurf Wake Shaper

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Get surfing with the FATSAC FlipSurf Wakesurf Shaper that folds down flat for easy storage!
Take your surfing to the next level with the FlipSurf Wakesurf Shaper from FatSac. The FlipSurf allows you to ride on a professional wave with the least amount of set up, breakdown and storage needs. FlipSurf is easy to use, and it attaches to the mounting bracket through an effortless, magnetic connection. FlipSurf is adjustable, so you can increase or decrease the size and shape of your wave to create the cleanest, longest, tallest wave on the waterways.
The FlipSurf was constructed for the widest range of wave options while reducing the amount of white water exhibited by the wave. FlipSurf‘s size also reduces the amount of stress on your boat, allowing for greater maneuverability, less splash, and better fuel economy.
FlipSurf comes with mounting brackets that attach to your boat via a strong, double-sided tape. These mounting brackets fit the vast majority of boats and blend in naturally with your boat contour. Once installed, FlipSurf is held in place by heavy-duty magnets that won’t wear out.

FATSAC FlipSurf Wake Shaper Features

  • XL Face to Maximize water displacement
  • Strong Magnetic attachment, (holds better than Velcro and suction cups)
  • Switch from regular to goofy in seconds
  • Adjustable angles to customize wave
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Made from light strong material that floats
  • Adds push to the wave (forward momentum)
  • Only needs 15.75″ x 6″ of flat space to mount on your boat

Evenly Weight Your Boat

A surf device will shape and clean up the wake behind the boat, and designed for use with extra ballast. Stop loading ballast on just one side, and instead weight the boat evenly for neutral handling and a safer ride. The ballast adds size, and the surf device shapes it into a surfable endless wave.

Install on Opposite Side

Mount the device on the opposite side of the boat you want to surf. For the “regular” left-foot forward surfers, install the shaper on the starboard side. For the “goofy” right-foot forward surfers, install the shaper on the port side. Switching surf sides for a new rider is simple and only takes a few seconds.

Change the Shape of Your Wave

When the wakesurf shaper is closer to the stern the wave becomes deeper and steeper. Mount the shaper closer to the bow and the wave becomes longer and rampier.

Built-In Flotation

If your shaper becomes detached from the boat, it has built-in flotation, so you don’t have to worry about your wake shaper investment sinking to the bottom of the lake.

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