Super Flex Fins

Super Flex is a Pro Teck Fins with a soft flexible core and soft edges making it the ultimate safety fin for beginners, surf schools, and board rentals. Super Flex Fins are also for the surfer who wants a fun, very easy turn and forgiving fin. Super Flex Fins are recommended for beginners to professional surfers.

Thruster, quads and side fins available for FCs and Future fin systems.
7″ and 9″ fin standard board boxes.


  • 4.5″ Thruster Set
  • 4.50″/4.50″ Quad Set


  • 4.50″ Thruster Set
  • 7″ Center Fin
  • 7″ Center Fin with 4.0″ Side Fins
  • 9″ Center Fin
  • 4.50″/4.0″ Quad Set

SUP Boards

  • 4.50″ Thruster Set
  • 7″ Center Fin with 4.50″ Side Fins
  • 9″ Center Fin
  • 4.50″/4.25″ Quad Set for boards under 9′
  • 4.50″/4.50″ Quad Set for boards over 9′

Pro Teck fins were developed after our son received a severe fin cut to his inner thigh that required over (200) stitches. As my wife and I watched the surgeon work on our son, I vowed to develop surfboard fins that would keep others from such a traumatic experience. We hope you are pleased with the Pro Teck fins and all the SurfCo products. 

~David Skedeleski